Philosophy senior thesis

Philosophy senior thesis,  · i need to write up a senior thesis as a part of the requirements for my major in philosophy but i need ideas on what to write on i've got a few.

A senior thesis is a large, independent research project that students take on in the senior year of high school or college to fulfill a graduation requirement. During your senior year, you may write a thesis on a philosophical topic under the direction of a member of the department by registering for phil 4395: senior thesis. 1 phi 3083 research methods in philosophy 3 hrs phi 4938 senior research seminar 3 hrs ucf d programs phi 4970h undergraduate honors thesis 3 hrs. Philosophy senior thesis abstracts 2009-2010 heeding hayek: co-dependency of freedom and responsibility in capitalism by aaron t fedor in the wake of a major. Philosophy department senior thesis guidelines overview a thesis in the philosophy department is a research paper of 30 to 50 pages presenting the results of a student’s in-depth investigation of some problem, question, or topic.

Writing and defending a senior philosophical thesis is the culminating experience for umm philosophy majors in this course, majors develop a piece of their philosophical writing, creating multiple drafts in response to comments from a variety of philosophical viewpoints, and orally defend their thesis. For those wanting a downloadable copy, here is a png file: http://publishuwoca/~amendel5/sample-philosophy-paperpng a statement of your thesis. Philosophy department today's hours and who are also philosophy majors may substitute their honors senior thesis course for the philosophy senior.

The senior thesis is the culminating work of students majoring in religion, philosophy, or theology it will normally be done in the final year of study. Senior thesis there is no requirement for people concentrating in philosophy to write an undergraduate honors thesis some people do so, many people don't to write a thesis, you need a topic and an advisor and a suitable amount of time there is no single model to follow, but one standard approach is this. Philpapers hosts the largest open access archive in philosophy and covers many categories and subcategories of senior thesis.

Some students study philosophy together with another subject introduction to philosophy, and four other philosophy courses (besides the senior thesis). For my philosophy degree, one of the requirements was to write and defend a senior thesis the following is mine what does it mean to define. Senior thesis guidelines study abroad see beyond philosophy is ultimately a choice between an unexamined life that passively lets itself be guided by. Depaul university college of las academics philosophy student resources forms forms - the phl course number for a senior thesis is phl 395.

Senior theses senior thesis writing tips students planning to write a philosophy thesis take a 300-level political philosophy course before their senior. The honors-in-major program requires 16 the philosophy department honors-in-major all senior thesis candidates must have a proposal approved in. Course requirements basic prerequisite (1) phl 100 introduction to philosophy value studies (2) choose two courses from.

Philosophy senior thesis
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